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Dibaq is a group of companies specialised in animal nutrition. Dibaq Diproteg S.A., the parent company, organizes its activities around two main business units: Pet care and Aquaculture. The Dibaq group started in 1951 in Fuentepelayo, Segovia, initially focusing on poultry farming and later expanding into raising pigs. Sixty-two years later, the company is now an internationally recognized animal nutrition specialist, run by the third generation of the Tejedor family.

The fish food business unit produces and commercializes feeds intended for use across two main segments: marine species raised in open water farms, and continental species reared in fresh water farms (mostly trout, carp and tilapia). With a production capacity of 100.000 tons, Dibaq’s fish feeds have a wide range of formulations, each tailored to specific species and farming systems, accounting for more than 140 different products. The products cover a diverse array of feeding requirements across high energy, low energy, maintenance, and reinforcement diets, developed through an extensive and continuous Research and Development programme.

Grupo Invermar, entirely owned by Dibaq Diproteg S.A., is specialised in the raising and commercialization of Sea Bass and Sea Bream. Both species are raised in open water pens and fattened over a period of 15-18 months reaching a final weight of 350-450 g. Invermar sold 3600 tons of sea bream and sea bass in 2014.Dibaq Diproteg also owns Valenciana de Acuicultura, the unique eel farm in Spain with a hight RAS technology.

Dibaq is going to participate in BAQUA in tasks related to the development of new additives and ingredients in the formulation of aquafeeds. The main objective of this task is to obtain processing parameters to ensure the stability and preservation of antioxidant and nutritional power of powder meals produced from banana crop wastes during the production of fish.


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