concreso octubre

In October, LIFE BAQUA project has participated in two conferences.

From September 30th to October 4th, in Cagliari (Italy), we presented “LIFE BAQUA - Solutions through the new use for a waste of banana crop to develop products in aquaculture and plastics sector” in the seventeenth edition of the Sardinia Symposium, which was focused on the advances of waste management science and technology. The event was attended by 675 participants (researchers, technicians, administrators and operators) with the presentation of 583 scientific papers, selected according to quality from over 850 offers of papers.

Aquaculture Europe 2019 was held in the Berlin (Germany) from October 7 to 11. We were presenting “Novel banana by-products in seabass Dicentrarchus labrax diets”. More than 880 abstracts were submitted for the 55 parallel sessions that made up the scientific conference. Sessions addressed all aspects of European aquaculture and provided a window on the latest research outputs from a huge diversity of initiatives.

fin proyectoLast October 7th, we celebrated the closing event of the LIFE BAQUA project with the assistance of the project advisor, who came from Brussels to know the results and future prospects of the project along with the rest of attendees.

In addition, this event held a round table in which farmers and agricultural associations, industry promoters, politicians and researchers could discuss the future of the implementation of the technology in the islands, especially in the Canary Islands, Martinique and Madeira, and the interest of the products obtained.

parisOn July 18th, it was held the LIFE BAQUA Project Symposium in Paris, France. Tecnopackaging, Ambi-metalplast and Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria presented the progress and results of implementation actions. 

It was part of the International Conference of Materials and Nanomaterials (M&Ns-19), organized by Sciknowledge, where it was presented:

A new video of the project is now available. It aims to show how research for new products finding and innovation in existing processes have led to a new model of circular economy, applicable in the Canary Islands. In addition, the video shows the processes developed, the products obtained and the impact of the project.


elderWe are proud to present the new LIFE BAQUA project stand at the Elder Museum of Science and Technology. It can be visited on the third floor along with other research projects developed in Canary Islands.

This museum located in the capital of the island, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, receives more than 200,000 visits per year, among schoolchildren, national tourists, local people and international tourists.

ecocircuThe aim of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria is to promote the circular economy in the North of the island through the Gran Canaria Technology Park - Experimental Area of Circular Economy).

The Park will include activities related to renewable energies, marine biotechnology, aquaculture and the development of renewable materials.

One of the proposed activities is the use of banana crop waste, both to obtain materials from the fibre and to produce feed for aquaculture fish with the introduction of pulp in their diets. This will be possible by transferring the research results of the European project LIFE BAQUA.


The LIFE Slovenia team, part of the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning of Slovenia, has prepared a promotional video on LIFE programme with a focus on European best practices. LIFE Baqua has collaborated, willing to reach environmental awareness and boost companies, local governments and research groups participation in these projects.


foroplatanoLast November 9, LIFE BAQUA project participated in the “II Regional Meeting of Producers of Organic Bananas” and the “I International Forum of Circular Economy and Opportunities for the Bio-Economic Development on Islands”, presenting the uses of the banana pseudostem in several industrial sectors.

Through these events, banana farmers, companies and associations, in addition to other experts, could express their opinion about the project and raise concerns which will be studied by the consortium.

18 simposiumPresentation of “Pseudo-stem by-product from Canarian Banana crop (Musa acuminata colla): preliminary study on the inclusion for tilapia diets” poster at ISFNF18.

Researcher of LIFE BAQUA project: Sara Ramírez Bolaños