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SPIF Svensk Plastindustriförening (Swedish Plastic Industry Association) 


SPIF is a trade organization within Svensk Industriförening (Sinf). It was established already in 1960 for the small and middle-sized companies in the Swedish plastics processing industry and it has today almost 200 members. SPIF’s activities are to satisfy the member companies' needs for service and information in business and industry issues, legal assistance and representation in negotiations, service employment law issues, information on new laws and regulations, financial counselling, monitoring industry issues by response to referrals from the authorities and by participation in both Swedish and international cooperation projects. SPIF is also supporting everyone (public, authorities, etc.) in questions about plastics use and properties but also involved chemistry.

SPIF has also developed the web www.plastportalen.se, the electronic marketplace for the plastics industry in order to assist in the members’ marketing activities. The industry association also organises trade fairs, high-tech conferences and training programmes. In addition, SPIF is the certification centre for employees in the plastics industry.

In the LIFE BAQUA project, SPIF will be the Exploitation manager and leader of the Dissemination of Knowledge, and Intellectual Property Rights. SPIF will support in dissemination during time to market to ensure the demand that will pull of the supply chain during the exploitation phase.


Web: www.plastindustri.org