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Tecnopackaging is a technology-based company specialized in the production of advanced nanocomposites and blends, including the development of plastic parts and packaging, particularly for industry application, and moulding of polymer parts with a high quality surface and high requirements. Located in Zaragoza (Spain), the company’s main purpose is conducting R&D on advanced polymeric materials and their transformation processes industrial plastic applications, targeting companies which operate directly or indirectly in the agri-food and other industrial sectors such as automotive, construction, biomedical and aeronautical. Currently, Tecnopackaging develops R&D projects in the field of biodegradable materials, developing new multifunctional materials with enhanced properties. Moreover, the company develops all its activities keeping in mind an eco-innovative perspective, analyzing in each case the different alternatives that would reduce the environmental impact of both their products and processes being a member of the European ECOLINK+ 100 Business Club cluster.

Tecnopackaging is the leader of the biodegradable plastic demonstration line in the LIFE BAQUA project and will be in charge of the formulation of compounding and development of project films and testing. Also, Tecnopackaging will give support to ULPGC for plastic’s activities monitoring and LCA and LCC analysis.


Web: www.tecnopackaging.com